EuroSciPy 2010 - Conference Proceedings

Publishing proceeding papers in Journal of Computational Science

The proceeding of the EuroScipy 2010 conference will appear as a special issue of the Journal of Computational Science (JoCS).

We are calling for 4 to 6 selected papers out of the presentations to be submitted as full-length papers to the JoCS (10 to 15 pages). The papers will be peer-reviewed and selected on the following basis:

  • The paper must present a novel software solution that can be demonstrated to advance computational science. Preferably, the paper should explicitly formulate scientific questions to be answered.
  • The paper should review previous software contributions of relevance and point out the advantages of the present solution.
  • The paper should clearly describe the design and implementation of the software, but due to space limitations it might be necessary to write compactly and refer to extra electronic information.
  • It must be demonstrated how the software can be used to solve important problems.

Christophe Pradal, Hans Petter Langtangen, and Gaël Varoquaux will act as editors for this issue. To submit a paper, first send a 5 page long draft to Christophe Pradal <christophe _dot_ pradal _at_ cirad _dot_ fr> before Sept 1.

All the best,

Christophe Pradal, Hans Petter Langtangen, Gaël Varoquaux