Look for funds from ESF for 2013

A trial to ask for fund for ES2013 in Brussels or elsewhere

We could, before Wednesday 15/9/2011 fill a proposal at


The idea would be to have EuroScipy2013 from Thursday 22/8/2013 (tutorial 1) to Wednesday 28/8/2013 (sprint 2), with ES2013 itself on Saturday 24/8/2013 and Sunday 25/8/2013 and the funded, smaller, topical satellites on Monday 26/8/2013 at least for the 2 themes Physics and NeuroScience.

In order to request such funds, we only need to fill the proposal soon. Organizers could be (at least)

  • NeuroScience : GaelVaroquax,
  • Physics : EmmanuelGouillart, PierreDeBuyl and NicolasPettiaux

plus other who would agree to help