Prepare EuroScipy 2012 in Brussels

A wiki to prepare EuroScipy 2012 in Brussels at Université libre de Bruxelles


  1. Chairs: D. Pinte and P. de Buyl
  2. Program committee:
    • Chair: T. Zito
    • Members: Gaël Varoquaux, Stéfan van der Walt, Konrad Hinsen, Emmanuelle Gouillart, Mike Müller, Hans Petter Langtangen, Pierre de Buyl, Kael Hanson
  3. Tutorial chair: V. Haenel
  4. Local committee: N. Pettiaux, K. Hanson
  5. Communication: Emmanuelle Gouillart
  6. Sponsoring: Mike Müller
  7. Web site: N. Chauvat


On site

  • venue
  • catering
  • poster walls
  • accommodation
  • wifi / electric plugs

Web and administration

  • keeping the main page current
  • registration and payment
  • communication (web, blogging and twittering)
  • sponsoring


  • talks
  • tutorials
  • poster submissions
  • reviews