PyPhy - Python in Physics 2011


Satellite meeting of the 4th European Meeting of Python in Science (Euroscipy 2011)

Date: August 29, 2011 (full day)

Venue: Department of Physics, Ecole normale supérieure, Paris, Conf IV Room

Euroscipy 2011 (ENS Paris)

In physics, Python is widely used as a scripting and programming language for data processing, but also for numerical computing where it is a viable alternative to compiled languages, with the advantage of being easy to learn, to write, to read and to modify. For this reason, Python, which is entirely free, is an ideal tool for teaching algorithmic contents in physics. A number of initiatives integrating Python into curricula have been developed in the last few years, largely independently in Physics departments all over the world. At the same time, Python libraries for numerical analysis, combinatorics, graphics, interfacing other languages, etc have either reached maturity, or are developing very rapidly. This makes Python an exciting option for research application. A growing number of research programs now write code directly in Python.

This informal workshop on teaching and research in Physics will be a forum for coordinating these initiatives, for sharing different experiences, and for exchanging with the key developers of the scientific Python modules present at the EuroSciPy 2011 conference. Beginners and Students are welcome to attend. People interested in presenting a contribution should contact the organizers and send a short abstract before June 30, 2011. We welcome contributions on your experience in teaching Python to physicists and engineers, developing a Python module for applications in physics, or using Python for your everyday research work. Participation in this workshop will be free of charge but participants should also make themselves known by email before August 28, 2011.


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Invited Speakers