Talk title (14)SpeakerDateRoomTrack
SimPy, a discrete event simulation package in PythonKlaus Müller2008/07/26 10:00Scientific Applications 2008
Coefficient of restitution measurement using a soundcardJan Martinek2008/07/26 11:15Scientific Applications 2008
Musical instrument tuner and tone analysisJan Martinek2008/07/26 12:00Scientific Applications 2008
Searching High Energy Neutrinos with IceCube and PythonBernhard Voigt2008/07/26 14:30Scientific Applications 2008
On providing a Computer Algebra System for PythonPearu Peterson2008/07/26 15:15Scientific Applications 2008
Python, Systems Biology and PySCeSJan-Hendrik Hofmeyr2008/07/27 09:00Scientific Applications 2008
Python Tools in Computational ChemistryAndrew Dahlke2008/07/27 09:45Scientific Applications 2008
PyModelData - Easy Data Input for Scientific Simulation ModelsStefan Schwarzer2008/07/27 11:00Scientific Applications 2008
How to decide - Machine Learning with PythonAndreas Liehr2008/07/27 11:45Scientific Applications 2008
mlpy - Machine Learning Py - A High-Performance Python/!NumPy Based Package for Machine LearningBruno Kessler2008/07/27 14:15Scientific Applications 2008
Rapid Information Processing Based on Self-Documented Primary DataAndreas Liehr2008/07/27 15:00Scientific Applications 2008
Building a Scientific GUI: Design Philosophy by ExampleAlcides Esquivel2008/07/27 16:15Scientific Applications 2008
Simple Finite Elements in PythonOndøej Èertík2008/07/27 17:00Scientific Applications 2008
Debugging and OptimizationGaël Varoquaux2011/08/25 11:00Advanced tutorial track 2011