Talk title (40)SpeakerDateRoomTrack
Introduction to Python for scientistsFabian Pedregosa, Emmanuelle Gouillart (Joint Unit CNRS/Saint-Gobain, 09:00Jules FerryIntroductory tutorial track 2010
Advanced numpyPauli Virtanen2010/07/08 09:00DussaneAdvanced tutorial track 2010
Highly efficient computations in Python: well beyond NumPyFrancesc Alted2010/07/08 10:30DussaneAdvanced tutorial track 2010
Array manipulation with numpyDidrik Pinte (Enthought)2010/07/08 13:00Jules FerryIntroductory tutorial track 2010
Sparse matrix computing with SciPyRobert Cimrman (University of West Bohemia, Research Centre New Technologies, Plzeň, Czech Republic)2010/07/08 13:00DussaneAdvanced tutorial track 2010
Using Fortran and C with PythonMike Müller (Python Academy)2010/07/08 14:30DussaneAdvanced tutorial track 2010
Using cython to accelerate Python with compiled codeDag Sverre Seljebotn (University of Oslo)2010/07/08 16:00DussaneAdvanced tutorial track 2010
From scripts to libraries: packaging and documentationDavid Cournapeau (Enthought)2010/07/09 09:00DussaneAdvanced tutorial track 2010
Scientific plotting with matplotlibMike Müller (Python Academy)2010/07/09 09:00Jules FerryIntroductory tutorial track 2010
Version control, testing, static checking, etc.Nicolas Chauvat (Logilab)2010/07/09 10:30DussaneAdvanced tutorial track 2010
Knowledge management of numerical experimentsNicolas Chauvat (Logilab)2010/07/09 13:00DussaneAdvanced tutorial track 2010
Scipy: a scientific computing toolboxAndré Espaze2010/07/09 13:00Jules FerryIntroductory tutorial track 2010
Using sympy for symbolic computation with PythonFabian Pedregosa2010/07/09 14:30DussaneAdvanced tutorial track 2010
3D visualization with MayaviGaël Varoquaux2010/07/09 16:00DussaneAdvanced tutorial track 2010
Keynote: Hans Petter LangtangenHans-Petter Langtangen2010/07/10 09:00DussaneScientific track 2010
Multi-Physic Simulations in an Open EnvironmentMarc Poinot2010/07/10 10:00DussaneScientific track 2010
Open sprinting spaceAdmin Istrator2010/07/10 10:00Scientific track 2010
Pre and post-processing with SalomeAndré Espaze2010/07/10 10:15DussaneScientific track 2010
SfePy - Introduction, Examples, and PlansRobert Cimrman (University of West Bohemia, Research Centre New Technologies, Plzeň, Czech Republic)2010/07/10 10:30DussaneScientific track 2010
Contribution of Python to the LMGC90 platformAlexandre Martin2010/07/10 10:45DussaneScientific track 2010
The Foundation for Mathematical and Scientific ComputingJarrod Millman2010/07/10 11:30DussaneScientific track 2010
Computing with polynomials in SymPyMateusz Paprocki (University of Nevada, Reno, SymPy Development Team)2010/07/10 12:00DussaneScientific track 2010
Sage: Creating a viable free open source alternative to Magma, Maple, Mathematica and MatlabWilliam Stein2010/07/10 12:15DussaneScientific track 2010
Algorithmic Differentiation in Python with Application ExamplesSebastian F. Walter (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)2010/07/10 14:00DussaneScientific track 2010
GPU computing for machine learning with TheanoOlivier Grisel (AFPy and Nuxeo)2010/07/10 14:30DussaneScientific track 2010
A Speech Recognition Toolkit based on PythonYotaro Kubo2010/07/10 14:45DussaneScientific track 2010
MDP: Modular toolkit for Data Processing (and its new features)Niko Wilbert2010/07/10 15:00DussaneScientific track 2010
A comparison of different approaches used to seek maintainability, performance and scalability in Python scientific codeMarko Loparic2010/07/10 15:15DussaneScientific track 2010
BiopythonPeter Cock2010/07/10 16:00DussaneScientific track 2010
High-throughput structural bioinformatics using Python and p3dChristian Fufezan2010/07/10 16:30DussaneScientific track 2010
VisuAlea: Towards a Scientific Modelling Environment using Visual ProgrammingChristophe Pradal (CIRAD, INRIA)2010/07/10 16:45DussaneScientific track 2010
Automated tracking of computational experiments using SumatraAndrew Davison (Unité de Neurosciences Intégratives et Computationnelles, CNRS, Gif-sur-Yvette, France)2010/07/10 17:00DussaneScientific track 2010
Using Python and the GIS to Analyze the Spatial Localization of Firms in CitiesIgor Lugo (UMR Géographie-Cités, 13 rue du Four, 75006 Paris)2010/07/10 17:30DussaneScientific track 2010
Python and geographic information systems: current applications and future potential in landscape ecologyThomas Etherington (School of Environment, The University of Auckland)2010/07/10 17:45DussaneScientific track 2010
Keynote: Konrad Hinsen, Python in Science, the next 15 yearsKonrad Hinsen2010/07/11 09:00DussaneScientific track 2010
pyMetris : a flexible endoscope trackerVincent Agnus2010/07/11 10:00DussaneScientific track 2010
Topographica: Python simulator for computational neuroscienceChristopher E. Ball2010/07/11 10:15DussaneScientific track 2010
Connectome Viewer - Visualization and Analysis of Connectome Data with PythonStephan Gerhard2010/07/11 10:30DussaneScientific track 2010
ObsPy: A Python Toolbox for SeismologyMoritz Beyreuther2010/07/11 10:45DussaneScientific track 2010
WatchMan Project - A Python CASE framework for High Energy Physics data analysis in the LHC eraRiccardo Maria Bianchi2010/07/11 11:30DussaneScientific track 2010