Talk title (40)SpeakerDateRoomTrack
Scikit-learnGaël Varoquaux2011/08/23 09:00Sprints 2011
Introduction to Python for scientistsChristophe Combelles (Anybox)2011/08/25 09:00Introductory tutorial track 2011
TraitsDidrik Pinte (Enthought)2011/08/25 09:00Advanced tutorial track 2011
Array manipulation with numpyPauli Virtanen2011/08/25 13:30Introductory tutorial track 2011
Advanced ScipyStéfan van der Walt (University of California, Berkeley)2011/08/25 13:30Advanced tutorial track 2011
Advanced Python ConstructsZbyszek Jędrzejewski-Szmek (Institute of Experimental Physics, University of Warsaw)2011/08/25 16:00Advanced tutorial track 2011
Scientific plotting with matplotlibMike Müller (Python Academy)2011/08/26 09:00Introductory tutorial track 2011
Image manipulation and processing using NumPy and SciPyEmmanuelle Gouillart (Joint Unit CNRS/Saint-Gobain, 09:00Advanced tutorial track 2011
Machine learning with Scikits.learnFabian Pedregosa2011/08/26 11:00Advanced tutorial track 2011
Scipy: An Introduction to scientific computingStéfan van der Walt (University of California, Berkeley)2011/08/26 13:30Introductory tutorial track 2011
Advanced TestingMike Müller (Python Academy)2011/08/26 13:30Advanced tutorial track 2011
GPU ComputingEilif Muller (Laboratory for Computational Neuroscience, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland)2011/08/26 16:00Advanced tutorial track 2011
Keynote: Marian PetreMarian Petre2011/08/27 09:00Scientific track 2011
Robot Operating System - stop reinventing the software controlling the wheelAndrew Straw2011/08/27 10:00Scientific track 2011
Advanced Geostatistics with PythonThomas Pfaff2011/08/27 10:30Scientific track 2011
Fast Monte Carlo Valuation of American Options with Python & NumpyYves Hilpisch (Visixion GmbH, Germany)2011/08/27 11:30Scientific track 2011
STICK: modeling textile using FiPy and SciPyBenny Malengier2011/08/27 12:00Scientific track 2011
Introducing Psignifit 3 -- A Toolbox to Fit Psychometric Functions.Valentin Haenel2011/08/27 14:00Scientific track 2011
Rss feeds aggregator based on Scikits.learn and CubicWebVincent Michel2011/08/27 14:30Scientific track 2011
Information Mining and Visualization of a Large Volume of Legal TextsFlávio Coelho2011/08/27 15:00Scientific track 2011
FEMhub Online Lab: Finite elements in the web browserMateusz Paprocki (University of Nevada, Reno, SymPy Development Team)2011/08/27 16:00Scientific track 2011
π`s in Debian or Scientific Debian: NumPy, SciPy and beyondYaroslav Halchenko (Debian, NeuroDebian, PyMVPA)2011/08/27 16:30Scientific track 2011
Keynote: Fernando Perez: : Ten years of (interactive) scientific PythonFernando Perez2011/08/28 09:00Scientific track 2011
Reaction kinetics at many scales with SloppyCellChris Myers2011/08/28 10:00Scientific track 2011
Simulation of processes on networks using Python with applications in HIV epidemiologyLukas Ahrenberg (BC CFE - HIV/AIDS; University of British Columbia)2011/08/28 10:30Scientific track 2011
Concurrent Processing using PyCSPRune Friborg2011/08/28 11:30Scientific track 2011
Online Image Alignment using the EDNA FrameworkJerome Kieffer (ESRF)2011/08/28 12:00Scientific track 2011
Controlling the equipment of a vision laboratory with PythonNora Umbach2011/08/28 14:00Scientific track 2011
Machine learning on a cluster of autonomous GPUs to solve the deconvolution problem in Electron Paramagnetic Resonance ImagingYann Le Du2011/08/28 14:30Scientific track 2011
CellProfiler - open source image analysis for high-throughput biological experimentsThouis Jones (Institut Curie Biophenics Platform)2011/08/28 15:00Scientific track 2011
The Nicessa framework: Non-intrusive combinatorial execution of stochastic simulations and their analysisNicolas Honing (CWI Amsterdam)Poster and Demo Session 2011
The use of python for the radiological characterization of accelerator components at CERNRobert FroeschlPoster and Demo Session 2011
Developing a particle-based hydrodynamical simulation code with NumPy and f2pyPierre de Buyl (Université Libre de Bruxelles)Poster and Demo Session 2011
Modeling mitosis using pythonGuillaume GayPoster and Demo Session 2011
The Pink Image Processing LibraryLaszlo MarakPoster and Demo Session 2011
ScisoftPy - a Jython/CPython data analysis packagePeter Chang (Diamond Light Source Ltd [])Poster and Demo Session 2011
EELSLab: a Python toolbox for (hyper)spectroscopy data analysisFrancisco de la PeñaPoster and Demo Session 2011
glumpyNicolas RougierPoster and Demo Session 2011
Using non-Python supported devices for a vision lab out of PythonKonstantin (Tino) Sering (Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen, Research Methods and Mathematical Psychology, Germany)Poster and Demo Session 2011
Review of Python-based symbolic mathematics systems and librariesMateusz Paprocki (University of Nevada, Reno, SymPy Development Team)Poster and Demo Session 2011