Talk title (40)SpeakerDateRoomTrack
Introduction to Python for ScientistsStefan Schwarzer2012/08/23 09:15Introductory tutorial track 2012
NumPy + CythonMike Müller (Python Academy)2012/08/23 09:15Advanced tutorial track 2012
Beyond NumPy: Numexpr, Blosc and CArrayFrancesc Alted2012/08/23 11:00Advanced tutorial track 2012
Parallel computing with Multiprocessing, ParallelPython and IpythonIan Ozsvald (A.I. and High Performance Computing consultant: 13:30Advanced tutorial track 2012
Array Manipulation with NumpyStéfan van der Walt (University of California, Berkeley)2012/08/23 14:00Introductory tutorial track 2012
Better numerics with SciPyGaël Varoquaux2012/08/23 16:00Advanced tutorial track 2012
Scientific Plotting with MatplotlibNicolas Rougier2012/08/24 09:00H1301Introductory tutorial track 2012
Enaml is not a Markup LanguageDidrik Pinte (Enthought)2012/08/24 09:00Advanced tutorial track 2012
Time Series Data Analysis with PandasWes McKinney2012/08/24 11:00Advanced tutorial track 2012
Writing robust scientific code with testing (and Python)Pietro Berkes (Enthought, Cambridge UK)2012/08/24 13:30Advanced tutorial track 2012
Introduction to Scientific Computing with ScipyRalf Gommers2012/08/24 14:00Introductory tutorial track 2012
Bento, a pythonic packaging system for python softwareDavid Cournapeau (Enthought)2012/08/24 16:00Advanced tutorial track 2012
Keynote: Rethinking Extension ProgrammingDavid Beazley (Dabeaz LLC), David Beazley2012/08/25 09:00Scientific track 2012
scikits-image: Image processing in PythonStéfan van der Walt (University of California, Berkeley)2012/08/25 10:00Scientific track 2012
Visvis - an object oriented approach to visualizationAlmar Klein (Science Applied v.o.f.)2012/08/25 10:30Scientific track 2012
PyPedia: A crowdsourcing python online IDE for open and reproducible scienceAlexandros Kanterakis2012/08/25 11:00Scientific track 2012
IronPython scripting in a radiation therapy treatment planning systemRickard Holmberg2012/08/25 14:00Scientific track 2012
PySCeS: the Python Simulator for Cellular SystemsJohann Rohwer (Stellenbosch University)2012/08/25 14:30Scientific track 2012
Pathway and Cells: Systems Biology Modelling with PythonBrett Olivier (VU University Amsterdam)2012/08/25 15:00Scientific track 2012
New developments with Scikit-learn: machine learning in PythonJaques Grobler2012/08/25 16:00Scientific track 2012
SimPy – An Introduction and a Real-World Example with Electric VehiclesStefan Scherfke2012/08/25 16:30Scientific track 2012
Poster PreviewsTiziano Zito2012/08/25 17:00Scientific track 2012
Poster and Demo Session 1Tiziano Zito2012/08/25 17:30Scientific track 2012
Keynote:Eric Jones (Enthought Inc.), Eric Jones (Enthought)2012/08/26 09:00Scientific track 2012
A Python Library for Historical-Comparative LinguisticsSteven Moran2012/08/26 10:00Scientific track 2012
Python for FinanceYves Hilpisch (Visixion GmbH, Germany)2012/08/26 10:30Scientific track 2012
Python and the MeerKAT Radio TelescopeSimon Ratcliffe2012/08/26 11:30Scientific track 2012
Pytolab: Twitter statistics on the 2012 French presidential electionLaurent Luce2012/08/26 12:00Scientific track 2012
nhlib - a library for seismic hazard analysisAnton Gritsay (GEM Foundation -- 14:00Scientific track 2012
Deleopment of the Opt-ID tool within the SDA/DAWN IDEMark Basham2012/08/26 14:30Scientific track 2012
No GIL - Parallel Python Programming with Cython and OpenMPMike Müller (Python Academy)2012/08/26 15:00Scientific track 2012
Lightning TalksTiziano Zito2012/08/26 16:00Scientific track 2012
Poster and Demo Session 2Tiziano Zito2012/08/26 16:30Scientific track 2012
Memory profilerFabian PedregosaPoster and Demo Session 2012
The Universal Platform for Python Scientiefic Computing Environment With IPython Notebook InterfaceChuching HuangPoster and Demo Session 2012
pyMagma: a matrix algebra library for GPU computing in PythonAlice InvernizziPoster and Demo Session 2012
Set up a workflow for scientific figures using a python tool: wafFrançois Boulogne (Laboratoire FAST, Orsay, France)Poster and Demo Session 2012
MapGenerator: a toolbox to process and visualize air quality datasets.Francesco Benincasa (Barcelona Supercomputing Center - WMO SDS-WAS NA-ME-E Regional Center)Poster and Demo Session 2012
Automating Optimization Loops for Computer Aided EngineeringJan PolandPoster and Demo Session 2012
A novel Python-based GUI application for in vivo hemodynamics visualization and computingraffaele ponziniPoster and Demo Session 2012