Talk The use of python for the radiological characterization of accelerator components at CERN


The radiological characterization is a fundamental step for the transport, handling and elimination of radioactive material from the CERN accelerator complex. JEREMY is an analytical code written in python which computes the radionuclide inventory of objects exposed to the radiation fields in particle accelerators. The radiation field is determined by the energy spectra of the various activating particles, including neutrons, protons, pions and photons. These spectra are folded with the isotope production cross-sections and - along with the material composition - yield the isotope production rates.

Python is used in the Jeremy code and auxiliary routines for:

  • processing of Evaluated Nuclear Data Files (ENDF) to obtain isotope production cross-sections
  • post-processing of Monte Carlo simulation results to obtain the energy spectra of the various activating particles
  • interface to the core routines for the folding of particle spectra with cross sections (coded in C)
  • computation of the radionuclide inventory
  • propagation of uncertainties
  • radiation shielding and normalization to measurements

After a brief introduction into the computational formulation of the accelerator radiation induced activation problem, the presentation will demonstrate the advantages of the use of python on these points.