Talk Modeling mitosis using python

During cell division, mitosis allows eucaryotic cells to segregate evenly the genetic material from a mother cell to its two daughters. This is achieved with an impressive accuracy and efficiency by a fascinating apparatus: the mitotic spindle. The mitotic machinery is composed of nanometric filaments, termed microtubules, and of molecular motors. Those motors are exerting forces on the chromosomes allowing their organisation and separation, before cell division can take place. I devised a bio-mechanical model of the mitotic spindle describing those interactions. Implementation of the model was done in python and uses heavily numpy and scipy. Results are desplayed with matplotlib. A graphical user interface was also developed with the PyQT4 library. Object orientated programming proved essential in the building of the model. Future plans include a broadening of the model, with the integration of other aspects of cell division. For reference, please see: Courtheoux, T., Gay, G., Gachet, Y., and Tournier, S. 2009. Ase1/Prc1-dependent spindle elongation corrects merotely during anaphase in fission yeast. Journal of Cell Biology 187:399-412.
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