Talk SDA – Scientific Data Analysis at Diamond Light Source


The SDA was founded in the last year as a standalone version of the Diamond Light Source’s Generic Data Acquisition system, the GDA ( Its intended target is the scientists who run and visit the Synchrotron facility and its functionality is therefore heavily tailored towards those requirements, however the structure of the project is designed to be extensible to allow the easy incorporation of other functionally when it is required. Both projects are based on the Eclipse framework and make extensive use of the Jython scripting languages especially for data collection. They also both utilise the Eclipse Pydev project for management and user assistance for writing and running these Jython codes.

During the initial user testing it became apparent that, although Jython was an excellent tool for scripting and managing the acquisition of data within the GDA, it lacks the extensive wealth of tools which focus on data analysis which CPython provides. As such our user community requested that the SDA was linked more tightly with the Python to take full advantage of these features, yet retained a similar interface to the Jython tools they were used to.

Presented here is the result of this work and its integration into the SDA product. This presentation will focus specifically on the technologies employed to incorporate a Python interactive console, as well as the visualisation and analysis techniques which then become available to the user. This will include features such as an interactive plotting framework similar in functionality to some of matplotlib, Visualisation of high dimensional numpy arrays through slicing and selection, line and profile fitting routines and integration tools for image analysis.

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