Talk Introduction to Python for Scientists

Presented by Stefan Schwarzer in Introductory tutorial track 2012 on 2012/08/23 from 09:15 to 12:30

This tutorial gives an introduction to the Python programming language. You might be a beginner in Python, but you should have some general programming experience.

Tutorial contents:

  • The interactive interpreter - a great tool for experiments
  • Identifiers - how to name things
  • Data types - numbers, strings, lists, dictionaries, ...
  • Conditional code - the if/elif/else statement
  • Loops - the for, while, break and continue statements
  • Exceptions - error handling with try/except/else and freeing resources with try/finally
  • Functions - a first step to code reuse
  • Modules - bundling data and functions
  • If there's enough time: object-oriented programming - more maintainable software