Talk The Universal Platform for Python Scientiefic Computing Environment With IPython Notebook Interface


In order to foster the use of Python progamming in math education and to provide flexible working environment,
we developed a live Python system which could run on almost recent electronic devices (like PC's, laptops or netpc's etc)
without any installation and configuration.

Since internet communication is widely popular and accessible everywhere, IPython's notebook interface is introduced
as default UI of this live Python system. To make more rich working environment, we also integrate some facilities including MathJax-2 for high-quality output of
Math-strutured contents and being off-line usability, NumPy/SciPy for high-performance computation, MayaVi, Gnuplot-py and VPython for visualization backends
other than matplotlib. Another feature of the live system is to provide the capacity of directly converting computing output into on-line animation or movie.
This is based on HTML5 embeded video feature supported by mostly recent browsers and is displayed by notebook interface.

With which we set up the labortory capable of doing scientific computation/visualization;
students can also run experiment simultaneously on their own portable electronic devices and continue their work even outside labortory or campus.
Furthermore, we also support Sage module and TeXmacs module (scientific publishing system) which could provide different flavor of Python working environment.
Some practical demos via IPython notebook interface would be given to demonstrate our work in math education.

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