Talk SimPy – An Introduction and a Real-World Example with Electric Vehicles

Presented by Stefan Scherfke in Scientific track 2012 on 2012/08/25 from 16:30 to 17:00

SimPy is an object-oriented, process-based discrete-event simulation language for Python. It is written in pure Python and uses generators to achieve some kind of concurrency between the simulated processes.

This talk will consist of two parts. The first half will be a general introduction to SimPy and demonstrate some of its features. The second part shows how we used SimPy to implement a simulation of electric vehicles (EVs) in the GridSurfer project. Thereby, we analyzed the effects of EVs on the low-voltage grid. We also investigated in what extend vehicle-to-grid charging strategies may raise the possible amount of renewable energy sources within a low-voltage grid without any upgrades of the grid-infrastructure itself.

SimPy Introduction

  • General introduction to SimPy
    • Background
    • Basic concepts
  • How to implement a simple process
  • How to start a simulation
  • How can processes interact
  • Shared resources for processes (Levels, Resources, Storages)

EV Simulation in GridSurfer

  • What is GridSurfer?
  • How did we implement the simulation?
  • What are the results?


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