Talk Deleopment of the Opt-ID tool within the SDA/DAWN IDE

Presented by Mark Basham in Scientific track 2012 on 2012/08/26 from 14:30 to 15:00

Insertion Devices(IDs) are one of the key components of a modern Synchrotron Light Source, the sorting and shimming of imperfect permanent magnets to enable the production of optimised IDs is a well explored problem which we look to extend here. There are currently two main computational approaches to finding a solution: Simulated Annealing and Genetic Algorithms, which are implemented in FORTRAN77 and C++ respectively. This presentation discusses the redevelopment of this code in Python, making use of more modern and better suited algorithms, such as Artificial Immune Systems, and how it compares to the Fortran code in terms of performance, maintainability and user interaction. Finally we will discuss the advantages of using the SDA/DAWN IDE for this project, specifically the variety of tools it gives the developer through to the visual and data browsing features which allow for an excellent end user experience.

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