Talk Python and the MeerKAT Radio Telescope

Presented by Simon Ratcliffe in Scientific track 2012 on 2012/08/26 from 11:30 to 12:00

The MeerKAT radio telescope (, currently under
construction in the Karoo Desert in Southern Africa, makes extensive
use of Python for both Monitor and Control and Science Data

This talk introduces python use in MeerKAT generally, and provides detail on two
specific Python uses that may be of interest to the community.

mplh5canvas is a pure Python HTML5 backend to Matplotlib. It allows
cross-platform, remote delivery of figures including real-time
interaction and high-speed animation. Internally this is used to
deliver real-time data integrity displays to the telescope operators.

compsense is a collection of compressed sensing algorithms
implemented in pure Python that also uses the CVXOPT
optimisation library. It is used to improve aperture synthesis images
by deconvolving the array point spread function from them under the
assumption that the underlying images are sparse.

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