Talk 3D visualization with Mayavi

Presented by Gaël Varoquaux in Advanced tutorial track 2010 on 2010/07/09 from 16:00 to 17:30 in room Dussane

Mayavi  is a library for 3D visualization of scientific data. It provides the mlab API which makes it extremely easy to perform 3D visualization using numpy arrays. I will first expose the user to the mlab interface and use it to motivate and expose the rest of the more complex Mayavi library and application. I will also show one may easily embed 3D visualization into a traits based application.


Here is a rough outline of the tutorial session.

  • mlab
    • Simple plotting for numpy arrays
    • Introduction to the notion of a pipeline
  • The mayavi objects
    • The Engine and object-oriented control of a pipeline
    • Data sources used in Mayavi
  • Embedding Mayavi in a traits based UI.

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