Talk Knowledge Management of Numerical Simulations

Presented by Nicolas Chauvat (Logilab) in Scientific Applications 2009 on 2009/07/26 from 14:00 to 14:45
This talk will present a web application for the knowledge management of numerical experiments and simulations. The data model defines things like entities, 3D models, meshes, inputs, software version, outputs, post-processing results, and all these things are stored in a database that can be browsed in a web interface and queried with a language similar to SQL in order to retrieve the information about previous runs. This system makes it easy answering questions like "what are the meshes modeling a girder that gave us results with MechanicsCode version 4 ?".

A previous version of this system is in use at Electricité de France Research and Development labs. A new version is being developed in part with the support of the french OpenHPC project. Integration with tools like Code_Aster and Salomé Platform is underway, so that they can store and reload information about studies directly. This application is based on the CubicWeb framework and is available for free under the LGPL license.
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