Talk Scientific applications of SfePy

Presented by VladimĂ­r Luke in Scientific Applications 2009 on 2009/07/25 from 13:30 to 14:15
SfePy (simple finite elements in Python) is a software, distributed under the BSD license, for solving systems of coupled partial differential equations by the finite element method. It is both a general problem solver, and a framework to write particular problem-specific research applications. The primary programming language used for SfePy development is Python while the time-demanding parts of the finite element computations are implemented in C, making thus SfePy sufficiently fast and efficient for our purposes. The code is based on NumPy and SciPy packages.

Besides the generic problem solver, SfePy incorporates also several special applications, for example:

* determination of acoustic band gaps in phononic materials (forbidden frequency ranges where no solution in the wave form exists),
* homogenization of porous media (modelling of muscle tissue, bones, engineering porous materials),
* homogenization of acoustic transmission through periodically perforated interfaces.

After a general information on SfePy the particular applications and the results obtained will be shown.

keywords: Python, partial differential equations, finite element method, NumPy, SciPy