Talk HydroPlatform, a Generic Python Data Manager and User-interface for Network Models

Presented by Julien Harou in Scientific Applications 2009 on 2009/07/25 from 16:15 to 17:00
HydroPlatform is an open-source software platform for water resource management network models. The model platform is generic and offers a common data repository for any network model. The tool manages and displays model inputs and outputs. It can be loosely (export functions) or tightly (add-ins) coupled with models. This allows running models completely independently or from within the model platform.

HydroPlatform offers customisable network objects, GIS features, an easy data edition interface, a centralized repository of projects and more. By using a set of powerful Python libraries such as traits, sqlalchemy, shapely, networkx, etc, the tool allows fully open-source data management. The user interface is integrated in Thuban, an extensible and multi-platform interactive geographic data viewer.

HydroPlatform has been released under the GPL licence. It is currently funded by University College London, UK.
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