Talk Mayavi2: from easy interactive 3D visualization, to scripting, to application building

Presented by Gaƫl Varoquaux in Scientific Applications 2009 on 2009/07/26 from 16:45 to 17:30
Mayavi2 is a 3D visualization tool aimed at easy visualization of scientific data in Python.

Development on Mayavi2 has started in 2005, and it is now a mature tool for 3D visualization that is starting to garner significant mindshare in the scientific Python users. Mayavi2 is a unique project, because it is both an interactive application targeted toward end-users, a scripting API for matlab or pylab-like data visualization in 3D, and a set of components that expose an object-oriented interface to be used as a toolkit for 3D visualization while building applications.

In my presentation, I will expose certain functionality of Mayavi2 while showing how a user can progressively understand the visualization model of Mayavi2 through interactive use, transform his understanding in scripts, and eventually turn the code into embedded interactive visualization for an application.

I will stress the choices we made to factor code and design between the various entry points of Mayavi2, with discussing architectural choices, but also API choices, and usability consideration.

The goal of my presentation is to introduce the user to some functionality of Mayavi2, and thus a powerful 3D visualization tool, while sharing some insight gathered throughout the development of Mayavi2. The talk should thus be of general interest, both to people interested in 3D visualization of scientific data, and to people interested in scientific software design.

Scripts demonstrating beautiful images produced with Mayavi can be found on:

Mayavi is developed by Prabhu Ramachandran and myself, and has won the FOSS India awards in 2008.
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