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NumPy + CythonMike Müller (Python Academy)2012/08/23 09:152012/08/23 10:30
Beyond NumPy: Numexpr, Blosc and CArrayFrancesc Alted2012/08/23 11:002012/08/23 12:30
Parallel computing with Multiprocessing, ParallelPython and IpythonIan Ozsvald (A.I. and High Performance Computing consultant: 13:302012/08/23 15:30
Better numerics with SciPyGaël Varoquaux2012/08/23 16:002012/08/23 17:30
Enaml is not a Markup LanguageDidrik Pinte (Enthought)2012/08/24 09:002012/08/24 10:30
Time Series Data Analysis with PandasWes McKinney2012/08/24 11:002012/08/24 12:30
Writing robust scientific code with testing (and Python)Pietro Berkes (Enthought, Cambridge UK)2012/08/24 13:302012/08/24 15:30
Bento, a pythonic packaging system for python softwareDavid Cournapeau (Enthought)2012/08/24 16:002012/08/24 17:30