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EuroSciPy website upgrade

2010/05/19 by Admin Istrator

Dear EuroSciPy enthusiasts,

The EuroSciPy website was upgraded tonight to take into account the comments made by the user over the past week. We hope this new version will be easier to use, especially when it comes to create an account, submit an abstract and register for the conference.

Those interested in the details or willing to help can take a look at the project tracker.

We will now be working on the on-line payment system and try to make sure that the review process goes smoothly.

photo under CC by NASA, ESA, and the Hubble SM4 ERO Team

Conference registration is now open

2010/05/13 by Admin Istrator

Dear scientific pythonistas,

We eventually set up the registration system for the conference. Just click on the "Conference registration is open!" box in the left column to let us know you will join us in July.

The payment system is not working yet, which means you will not be required to pay before another week or too.

Thanks to our sponsors, the conference and tutorial fees were limited to 50 € for the 2 days each time. That is a total of 100 € for the 4 days and the 4 lunches. Keep your money for your stay in Paris :)

Please register quickly, as the number of people we can host is limited.